Plastic is a major contributor to the climate crisis, but it isn’t irreplaceable. Tom van Aken, Avantium’s CEO, talks to Tech For Good about the 100% plant-based, fully renewable plastic that might move the industry away from fossil fuels

Plastics are an increasing risk to people’s health. We speak to Dr Fay Couceiro, an expert in environmental pollution at the University of Portsmouth, about why plastics is a problem that will only get worse

Demand Science’s Shakeel Itoola on the need for multilingual artificial intelligence

Gartner’s Bill Swanton reveals six steps to develop the best software engineering talent

Great power comes with great responsibility, and that is particularly true of new technologies. Each month, Tech for Good discusses the potential benefits and dangers of technological advances that are coming to market. This month we ask: Are NFTs the future of art?

Oracle NetSuite’s Nicky Tozer on using tech to tackle the challenges of international business expansion

Can aviation be automated? NATS’ Head of Research Louisa Smith talks about the partnership with the Alan Turing Institute and how the two organisations are developing the world’s first AI air traffic control system to make flying faster, safer and more sustainable

Each month, Digital Bulletin analyses one of the digital policies that countries are enforcing with the goal of regulating the online world. In this issue, we look at the European Union’s Chips Act

Digital Bulletin

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