Rachael Weiss Riley and Erin Stein of Two Sigma’s Data Clinic tell Tech For Good about the company’s mission of delivering cutting-edge data science solutions to those who need them most

HIV prevention drugs have helped reduce infection rates globally. Now Gilead Sciences has rolled out its digital platform, PrEP Hub® , in the US with a mission to help improve access to drugs and reduce stigma among the communities that most need it. We find out why it’s a gamechanger in the fight against HIV

Vicon’s Dr. Kim Duffy speaks on how motion capture technology can transform patient recovery

Addressing regulatory and organisational data residency requirements is an important undertaking

Hyperautomation has been one of the technology trends of the last two years. We speak to UiPath’s Northern Europe Managing Director, Gavin Mee, to talk about the impact of COVID-19, the tech driving hyperautomation and how the market might develop in the next two to three years

ThreatConnect’s Miles Tappin on connecting the dots between cybersecurity and business

Platform.sh’s Damien Tournoud on how businesses can avoid “innovation lock-in”

Netskope’s Neil Thacker with five top tips for cloud security

Four industry experts weigh-in on this month’s big question: “What will be the main consideration for CIOs and CTOs in the hybrid workplace?”

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Shaun Sen gives an insight into the key technology advances disrupting the education sector

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